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( Highschool of the Dead Series Review

Highschool of the Dead by Madhouse was released in Japan last year as a twelve episode series that aired from July to September. After watching the entire series, Arcee gives his final thoughts on the series in this review.

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tacosRcool4131d ago

The manga keeps on going and plus the ending doesn't conclude anything so that means more episodes!

Sweety85874131d ago

but Madhouse isn't really known for doing Season 02's so i'm pretty much with the mind set "Well that was one good animation now lets wait for the manga to get outta hibernation mode"

nagicakeumz4131d ago

I know we're getting an OVA in April, but I think unless the manga starts updating on a regular basis again and Madhouse gets a wild hair, the OVA will likely be the last of the anime.

Kos-Mos4131d ago

The girls are really hot, and I like the occasional "boner run to the toilet" moments, but there were too much in my opinion.

WitWolfy4130d ago

This Manga is awesome and all but we all know this series takes too long to release new and fresh chapters/volumes. Which just leaves me irritated seriously. I really thought this manga had potential. Maybe MAd House are planning on releasing a WHOLE bunch of Volumes at once... Pffft who am I kidding!?