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Hot cosplay of the week: Dragon Age's Morrigan

God knows games from the West are greater than apple pie and baseball combined, so when Dragon Age's Morrigan meets the world of cosplay, you know that it manages to make a good thing even better.

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DHrox4221d ago

That's a pretty nice pic of a Morrigan cosplay. Didn't think there were any serious DA dress-uppers.

methodman784220d ago

Quality, might dress like an elf and see if she thinks i'm hot...

charlescox44220d ago

Kind of pathetic how the kartel copied Go Fanboy's cosplay idea. lmao that they can't even get there's on N4G though. hahahah

derkasan4219d ago

Do you have a link? One can never have too much good cosplay.

charlescox44218d ago

It won't let me post a link, but just google gofanboy or cosplay babes.