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VN Insider: Top Five Visual Novels to Introduce to a Newb

Inside AX presents its list of top five visual novels to introduce to a newb.

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derkasan4274d ago

I can understand Ever17 and 999 (both great games), but Yume Miru Kusuri?

Isn't that a little...risque?

Reibooi4274d ago

The one and only game I would introduce someone into the realm of VN's with is Fate/Stay Night and there are alot of reasons.

First the game is massive so if the person enjoys it they will have a ton to do. It takes quite awhile to complete the 3 paths the game has and getting all the bad endings and Taiga's Dojo scenes also adds alot of play time.

The game is also Epic. It shows just how well a VN can pull you into a story. The fight scenes although scarcely animated are great and looking back on them you remember the details you read and they seem that much more epic. The characters are great and how they are different across the different paths is very interesting.

The soundtrack unlike most VN adds a ton to the game(that's not to say that VN soundtracks are weak but most don't add anything with the exception of most of Key's games)

Lastly if the person in question doesn't want to see the adult scenes(which fit in better then most games) They can either play the Realta Nua version or use a fan made patch that removes said adult scenes.

After all the VN's I have played Fate/Stay Night has easily stayed my top one. It's a shame the anime was so bad. But at least Ufotable is making the Fate/Zero anime so that will more then likely be great.