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Shinbo, Tomino Want to Do New Madoka Magica, Ideon

In an article devoted to the ongoing Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime in the 34th issue (2011 Spring/April) of Asukashinsha's Quarterly S magazine on Tuesday, director Akiyuki Shinbo revealed that he wants to do a "Madoka 2" project as a side story to the anime series. While he said that writer Gen Urobuchi's plot scenarios and story for the anime series are excellent, he thinks that the characters' personalities are also well-developed with Ume Aoki's designs and the voice cast's talent. Therefore, he wants to do an ordinary slice-of-life story with the characters instead.

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Sweety85874275d ago

I for one would like to see that. The only problem I see if that will anyone survive for a season 2 XD Unless it'll turn out into an alternate universe slice of life - that'll work too :D