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San Japan Announces Brad Swaile As Voice Actor Guest

San Japan, San Antonio’s major Japanese Culture and Anime Convention, has announced that Brad Swaile will be appearing as a guest for the upcoming convention happening on August 5th-7th, 2011. This will be Brad Swaile debut as a guest at a Texas anime convention.

Some of his more notable characters include Amuro, Quatre, Dearka and Auel (on their respective Gundam series’), Gohan (from Dragon Ball Z), Kicker (Transformers: Energon) and Lan (Megaman: NT Warrior). As well as voicing the role of “Nightcrawler” in X-Men Evolution, Brad has worked on several anime series’ including InuYasha, Hikaru no Go, Hamtaro, Maison Ikkoku, Infinite Ryvius, Tokyo Underground, Soul Taker, Project ARMS, Boys Over Flowers, Kimba the White Lion, Shakugan no Shana, Dokkoida?!, Saber Marionette J, Video Girl Ai, Arjuna, Zoids and Dragon Drive.

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