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Top 10 Hottest Cosplay Girls for February!

3anime took some of the most hottest Cosplayers from the Web and formed their own Top 10 hottest Cosplayer Girls for the Month!

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Arcee4272d ago

When you titled this as being February's top 10 hottest cosplays, I thought it would only be about recent cosplays not ones from almost two or three years ago. Yes, they are all sexy, but the Cammy one by Alissa Kiss is nearly three years old, the Lucy Pinder Supergirl one is also almost two years old, and the Rikku one is from a couple of years back as well. Still, they are sexy no matter how old they are.

Sweety85874272d ago

hmmm me thinks me ought to post that to the website's article.

maybe they meant to do a "hey lets pick our favorite cosplay images, not keeping any time line in mind" instead of "lets pick the best cosplay girls using only cosplayers that submitted stuff in February"?

CLOUD19834271d ago

the Tifa is gr8 I have see many cosplay about Tifa but I never found a girl worthy of Tifa but this baby there is Hot,prety&cute almost like the real Tifa! gr8 cosplay.

Louis_Guzman4271d ago

Lolwut?! I thought that babe was Bayonetta.