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Michelle Ruff as the voice of Katherine-with-a-K

Bleach's Rukia to play voice actress in the Catherine anime video game.

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WetN00dle694267d ago

Nice, Bleach is one of the few animes that has great English voice acting. BUT there are a few that you wish were rather Subbed than Dubbed.

Yi-Long4267d ago

... they better make damn sure there is still the option to have the original japanese voices in the game.

Reibooi4267d ago

Well Atlus hasn't done that before but then again they never had the space to do so.

Honestly I don't see why it matters. Atlus is often praised for the high quality of the English dubs they get done for their high profile games such as the Persona series.

This is no different. They have cast some of the biggest and most talented names in voice acting and all of them fit the characters they are playing perfectly.

In my opinion passing up a game because of a dub that is still considered to be incredible is rather pointless. The Persona games didn't have subtitles options yet you never hear about people complaining about them. Reason being is they were damn good.