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Website Launches Online Petition Protesting All-white Shortlist for ‘Akira’ has Launched a Online Petition Protesting All-white Shortlist for ‘Akira’.The website was founded 2009 by fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender who were appalled by the casting discrimination that occurred during the production of the The Last Airbender film adaptation.

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jwalkerz4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

what a bunch dumbassess

Reibooi4122d ago

While I think the idea of a petition is stupid as it will never get a damn thing done I do understand and support the anger behind it.

What the hell is the point of keeping the Japanese names of the characters if they don't intended to have Asian actors play those characters? It would seem REALLY odd to have characters named Kaneda and Tetsuo and have them be white or something when those are CLEARLY Japanese names. It just doesn't make sense and it's a all to common problem in Hollywood.

I mentioned this in a past post about how I have no hope for the movie because the studio would more then likely do exactly this. While it's true that none of this names are confirmed or even the list itself is real it's honestly not far off from what is more then likely happening behind the scenes. All I can hope is that the movie remains in development hell so we don't end up with another Dragonball Evolution.

firefoxprime4122d ago

Plz...I've already lost DBZ and Avatar:TLA to this mess. Not Akira too...!

Atleast Speed Racer actually paid tribute to its source material...*sighs*

jwalkerz4121d ago

they should cast minho and kaneda and Jonghyun as tetsuo