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Bleach Filler Arc Begins in April

New Bleach Fillers with a new opening and ending song in April.

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tayz4117d ago

im looking forward to the new opening and ending songs

Reibooi4117d ago

same here. I have always thought Bleach has some of the best OP's and ED's in anime.

I also don't mind filler to much. While I only watch the US broadcast of the show I think compared to other shows the Bleach filler is rather strong. The Bount arc had a weak start but once it got into the Soul Society it got pretty good and the New caption Amagai arc I thought was great all the way through.

crxss4117d ago

i'll be looking forward to the fillers....................... ..............................

KonohagakureFC4117d ago

Filler again? Well it's not surprising, the manga is pretty slow paced

Parapraxis4114d ago

I stopped watching this show as it became all filler, no progression.

The first 2 seasons were fantastic, it went severely downhill from there though.

gam3fr33k4117d ago

That sucks. I wonder if this is gonna happen to one piece too cuz the anime is pretty close

tayz4117d ago

most likely. the anime catches up to the manga so fast despite all the fillers theyve already had

gaffyh4116d ago

One piece still is about 37 chapters away, plus they still have some content that they could extend (i.e. the situation with the other Straw Hats). We probably will see filler for it, but I don't think we'll see anywhere near as much as Bleach is getting.

LiquifiedArt4117d ago

sucks for you guys once you realize once that arrancar arc ends, the new arc is TERRIBLE.

Fanboys_suck4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

Totally agree with you, it is fucking horrible. I hope Aizen fucking escapes from his prison and start a whole new situation. One thing I don't understand is why the HECK didn't Central 46 give Aizen the death sentence, that is soooooo B.S!!

tayz4117d ago

thats whats gonna happen, i can bet like a million bucks! and they didnt kill him because hes immortal.

gaffyh4116d ago

How can you know the new arc is terrible when it is only 20 chapters ahead of the anime lol? Might get better.

BK-2014116d ago

I actually like the new arc better then Hueco Mundo. Ichigo was way too emo and the fights were way too lame. I miss the Bleach of the Soul Society arc days.

Fanboys_suck4117d ago

I hate fillers, especially after that pointless Bount Saga.

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The story is too old to be commented.