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Bleach Schedule for April 2011 Released

The April 2011 schedule for the Bleach anime is now out.

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tayz4108d ago

Bleach fillers sound interesting. Wish Kubo would just work on the anime and forget about the slow manga

Lavalamp4108d ago

Snap. The Japanese version of the anime is so far ahead of the dub. That isn't to say it's surprising, but when I'm someone who watches the dub, it makes me consider swapping over to subs. I've been thinking about doing it for some time. I mean, I did it with Naruto:Shippuden, but I don't think I was as attatched to the English VAs as I was/ am with Bleach's. But the thought of having hundreds of new episodes to watch on Hulu does sound tempting. Decisions, decisions.

tayz4108d ago

Switch to the subs, itll be the best decision you ever made. they sound better AND its waaaaaay far ahead of the dub. its never been a better time to switch

tayz4108d ago

btw what did u think of subs vs dubs for naruto shippuden? subs waaay better right?

Lavalamp4108d ago

I'm not sure if my opinion holds that much weight to be honest. I had only just started to get into subbed anime at the time and it was a strange transition to go from dubs to subs after hundreds of episodes of the former. I think some of the English VAs were actually good matches for their Japanese counterparts. My preferences are pretty mixed. For example, I preferred Naruto's Japanese VA, but then I really liked Liam O'Brien as Gaara. As for Bleach, I really like JYB, Michelle Ruff, and Steve Staley, so it's sort of hard to let them go. I appreciate the recommendation though, so I'll have to keep thinking about it.

Djinn4107d ago

I say stick with the dubs,man. Its always good to see someone who doesn't just blindly bash dub like a weaboo.

Sprudling4107d ago

I can't speak for Bleach, but generally dubs have a very long way to go before they can match the japanese voiceacting.

Neko_Mega4107d ago

Been watching the Japan one, I think the last one was 316 I watch.

I watch it all on my cell phone.