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Fansubs and 3D Anime Puts Anime in Crisis!

Here are some interesting notes about why the anime in Japan has a crisis. The big surprise for me was the fact that 3D anime is one of the major players that affects the Anime industry as We know it. In perspective, in the U.S. 3D is the dominant trend and We dont see many 2D around.

According to, the former executive director of Madhouse Studios, Masuda Hiromichi said the fansubs and the shift of the worldwide trend toward 3D anime have become the major obstacles for Japanese anime producers to establish a business model outside Japan.

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Yi-Long4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

... Anime doesn't SELL because it's usually massively OVERPRICED when it's released here in the west, with a couple of episodes on 1 or 2 discs, and hardly any discounts.

The author (or the mentioned article) mentions that EVEN Naruto doesn't sell on DVD. Well, you think the fans of Naruto are going to wait for ages to watch some dubbed episodes on network TV, or do you think they'll download the newest episodes?

As long as fansubs are of better quality than most official releases in the west, it's not strange that people choose to download instead.

Also, would the MANGA of Naruto sell as much as it does, if there wouldn't have been fansubs around which gave it an audience to begin with!? I doubt it. They bitch about the sales of anime, but the sales of manga are pretty damn good as far as I know, so it's not like the fans aren't willing to pay for a good quality product for a fair price!

About Crunchyroll: Didn't everyone complain about the poor quality of their broadcasts? Also, with fansubs you can download them in the highest quality and watch them when you please. It's hard to compete with that.

About 3D pushing 2D animation out of the market: what a joke. It's about the stories being told, and not about 3D or 2D. Both can co-exist as long as the quality is good. If you make a piss-poor anime show, it won't be a hit. The same goes for piss-poor 3D shows. Very simple.

I think the decline in sales for anime is 3-fold:
1: obviously fansubs, because they're a MUCH better option then the regular TV-broadcasts.
2: anime in the west is overpriced and poorly marketed.
3: many people are now in-between DVD and BR, including myself. I don't buy DVD's anymore because I now have a BR-played and a HDTV and I don't want to double-dip on my purchases, and I don't really buy many BR's yet because often they're still pretty damn expensive.

So I go for fansubs, try stuff out I normally might not check, and the stuff that's really good I would love to buy, if they'd come out with decent releases at reasonable prices. Which very rarely happens.

Last anime boxset I bought was Sherlock Hound (R2). I wasted 15 euro on that (which is a bargain compared to regular prices for anime).

Wasted, because against all logic of us living in the 21st century, in the 'digital age', and in a period of time where we want our media in their original language with subs....

... they managed to release it with english dub only(!!!)

So yeah, if you release shit like that, don't expect me to pay next time.

You want your anime to sell in the west? Then listen to the fans, release your products in the best way possible, and do it without pricing yourself out of the market!

SynGamer4324d ago

You should check (which sounds like it would be import for you). They have great deals on their BR anime releases!

Yi-Long4324d ago

... although yeah, it would be import for me, and since I don't have a region-free player (sadly), plus extra VAT and extra shipping costs and such will probably push it out of my price-range anyway.

I'm always checking UK e-tailers for good deals though, and with DVD boxsets they had some nice bargains last year.

SynGamer4324d ago

Fansubs and translations MADE anime and manga in the United States. It was free marketing and if you ask your typical anime and manga lover, they almost always say that they snap up the goods as soon as it is licensed. Thankfully prices have become...more reasonable over the past few years. But back in the 90's/early-2000's, anime was ridiculous. $30 for 4 episodes? Fuck that! Now you can get about 13 episodes for that price, perhaps a bit cheaper.

Also, it is my firm belief that it is not stealing if I can't readily buy it (in my language). Yes, I could buy the Japanese version of the anime and manga, but that serves me no purpose since I can't read or understand Japanese. Once the companies realize this and stop blaming fansubs and translations, the better off they will be.

And for the record, I would have never discovered most of the anime and manga I love today had it not been for fansubs and translations. And my manga collection is well over 200 at this point, maybe over 250. And my anime collection has substantially grown ever since I got my PS3 and blu-ray player.