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Top 10 Anime Fights

ScreenJunkies writes "It’s time to kick some ass with the top ten anime fights. They combine the best of traditional animation art with the technology that and will make you wish that you had ass kicking super powers too."

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WildArmed4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Good picks.
Sure it could use Naruto, OP, HunterXHunter(lol I guess the list can't include everything right?) here and there.
But solid list.

The Freiza fight was the only one that I was second guessing.But I guess that's why it's no. 10 ^^

Trollimite4248d ago

the rocklee fight where he took of his leg weights was epic.

SasanovaS19874248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

rock lee vs gaara and hajime no ippo series should be in there. my 2 cents

also, imo, goku vs vegeta after he beat nappa was alot better and easily in top 10 GOAT

Dsnyder4248d ago

Naruto sucks. This list could have easily been filled up with DBZ fights because that series just blows everything else out of the water. Cowboy Bebop is great too. Yu Yu Hakusho was an excellent choise but the fights got lame after the dark tournament. DBZ is just godly.

WildArmed4248d ago

TBH, I don't think too highly of Naruto manga either.
But no doubt it has had some of the best fight scenes ever.
DBZ fight scenes are great, if you get past the screaming and talking. I loved the Cell vs Goku SSJ fight.

YYH, has a well deserved spot up there.
Thou hiei has had some great fights too

Senden4248d ago

The major last fight in Samurai Deeper Kyo surely deserves a mention? Could also think of quite a few from Naruto and Bleach.. Ichigo vs Byakuya was an epic fight.

Scyrus4248d ago

The entire Fate stay night movie had some of the best fights in anime, so much fighting too. also jubei-chan vs fresia was epic. i dont agree with some of these fights maybe they dont mean the best animated fights.

cuz i mean spike versus vicious was good, but spike vs vincent in the movie was alot better

KrimsonKody4248d ago

I was checking the list for anime fights, like Final Fantasy Advent Children, Vampire Hunter, etc. I guess animes has got better since.

But, yeah, I still can't get over the Bahamut fight & motorcycle scene in Advent Children.

We need more big-budget animes.

anasurimbor4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Yusuke vs Sensui is *without question* the greatest anime battle of all time. Thank you, Yu Yu Hakusho.

I'm glad this list doesn't feature any of that kiddie shit like Bleach and Naruto. That stuff has nothing on the animes featured in this list.

trounbyfire4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

OMFG finally someone that agrees with me. I freaking love that fight. i like it most when they are on earth. God epic i even put sensui as my co favorite character of all time with aizen.

Yusuke vs toguro is second. love when toguro "Kills" kuwabara and yusuke just stands up as his energy and emotions pour out and he goes behind toguro and toguro WHAT THE HELL.

GOd yu yu hakusho is my favorite show and its is kind or forgotten so excuse my eagerness.

i loved bleach before he turned aizen in to a screaming crazy person. I pretty much only read bleach for aizen and since the horrible ichigo vs aizen fight i am done with bleach until aizen comes back. plus bleach anime voice over sucks

naruto battle kind of suck. this great war crap is boring as hell. thank god naruto took off maybe he will fight sasuke soon that is going to be epic as hell. naruto voice over suck as well

Yu yu hakusho are style was great and the voice overs were great. i wish sensui looked like he did in the manga. they had different animator for chapter black.

anasurimbor4248d ago

Hell yeah man. I fuckin love YYH. The Toguro battle is also very good.

I thought Bleach was just ok in the very beginning, but it quickly turned to crap. I only liked it in the first place because it was a YYH clone. I've never watched the anime.

Naruto is just straight up garbage.

trounbyfire4248d ago

how the heck does goku vs frieza make the list. like all DBZ fight the bad guy toys around and lets goku bring out more power and wins. every time

DB fight were better to me

SasanovaS19874248d ago

i probably seen more anime then you, and for you to say naruto is overall lame is false. yes, it might be a bit gay, but the series holds some of the most epic fighting in anime. youtube rocklee vs gaara.

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The story is too old to be commented.