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Kanye West's Custom Akira Motorcycle Listed for Sale

American television channel MTV's Geek News blog reports that a life-size display motorcycle based on the one driven by Kaneda in Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira anime film was put on sale on the Los Angeles site of the classifieds site Craigslist. The April 4 ad is now expired, although search engine Google provides the posted image (below, left) as a cached version of the page, confirming the bike's asking price of US$4,000.

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ShinFuYux3566d ago

I wonder why kanye sold it?

Bull5hifT3565d ago

Probrably Needed To Grow Up

Dsnyder3565d ago

He is going bankrupt like MC hammer.

hazelamy3566d ago

they're making a live action akira movie soon, mind you' they'll probably want a functional version.

jammydude3565d ago

Still can't get over the preliminary cast. EDWARD CULLEN FOR TETSUO??? seriously.

Reibooi3566d ago

It doesn't even look right. I mean the general shape and what not is right but it's not very accurate. If you go back and watch the movie it looks like the whole thing is closer to the ground(even off the little stand it's on) and the whole thing is much longer then it appears. It also looks cheap and plastic looking in alot of areas.

Either way it's pointless for anyone to buy this. I LOVE Akira but I would much rather have a version of it that works(which is quite possible when you consider the crazy bat pod bike in The Dark Knight was real)

mindedone3565d ago

It's like if they stretched it out a little bit, it would've been perfect, if not to scale. I don't know why I've never seen this video (i know why, i never watch music videos) but mad respect for either kanye or the director or producer for redoing parts of akira. I saw a motorcycle seen, but i guess i missed the bike