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NIS America Acquires Licenses for “Katanagatari” and “Arakawa Under the Bridge”

NIS America announced yesterday that they had acquired the license to distribute White Fox’s anime adaptation of Nisio Isin’s light novel Katanagatari, in addition to Shaft’s Arakawa Under the Bridge. Both titles will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in premium editions featuring a bonus artbook on July 5.

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Archaic4246d ago

Looking forward to see what sort of treatment Katanagatari gets. While the very end of it kind of let it down (though it's no GAINAX ending), the series was quite a fun ride indeed.

Reibooi4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Kinda getting annoyed at NIS to be honest. They need to think of a new way to package their product because while the boxes they release are stunningly beautiful they are also massive and are almost impossible to store(they don't fit on any movie shelf or bookcase I can buy for any reasonable amount of money and when you consider every release is that size it adds up REALLY fast).

The lack of dubs is also getting on my nerves. I know not everyone wants one(and not every show needs one for that matter) but there are plenty who do and the reason NIS gave awhile back for not having them is pointless. They basically said they don't wanna do one unless it's better quality then they do for the games they release. Which I can understand as many of their games have pretty bad dubs. That said the dubs done for Disgaea 2 and 3 where incredible and I would expect the same to be true for 4. So the only thing they really need to do is hire the same studio that does those dubs and they will be fine.(or you know they could hire any of the other countless freelance dub studios that do incredible work like Ocean, Bang Zoom, New Generation Pictures really the list goes on)

I mean I don't really have problems with subs but they are releasing alot of beautiful and visually inventive shows(and now on Blu-ray to boot) but I don't wanna be stuck looking at the bottom of the screen instead of at the beautiful artwork.

rezznik4245d ago

Agreed, I love my Atelier Rorona and Ar Tonelico Qoga premium boxes, but they're impossible to store inside of my bookshelves and are instead regulated into a box in my closet.

In regards to dubs and subs, I agree that it WOULD be nice to see dubs. While I prefer original language tracks, it'd be something nice to have for the people who prefer it.

CrescentFang4244d ago

I did start watching Katanagatari, but I am hesitant now... about watching animes which are actually light novels 1st...
They usually aren't as faithful to it and never keep up with the light novels and stop.
Though my cousin is getting a little angry at me since he keeps recommending Katanagatari to watch, but I don't think he has realized I already told him I watched it way before he did, but decided not to continue with the series...
Though I did watch Bakemonogatari (both light novel series by the same guy iirc)
Though the anime ended, I still knew it was a light novel originally and still kept watching it...
Anyways I'm glad NISA has other ways to make profit and stuff, butthe most primary reason for animes to get licensed (IMO) in other countries is so that it can be dubbed in a different language. Though I know NISA has been doing this, I can't believe this is happening to Tales of the Abyss (which I know for a fact isn't licensed by NISA)