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Anime Evo: Ao no Exorcist (First Look)

Anime Evo:

Ao no Exorcist is definitely a weird blend of some very interesting elements. For one thing, it has gorgeous art, tried and true character designs, epic voice acting, smooth and silky animation and an interesting but slow starting story. While the story was a bit slow for the opening episode, the awesome visuals and amazing voice acting definitely kept me interested till the end, when things definitely started getting good.

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CrescentFang4244d ago

I was reading the manga, but my life got very busy and I forgot to keep up with the series.
When I first read it, I kept trying to get my cousin to read it too, cause that 1st chapter was not what I was expecting *tears*
I don't feel like watching this yet though (since the manga is a monthly release iirc and I hope the anime stays faithful to the manga/source material)