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Jesus Film transformed into Japanese anime

With the average attention span among youth constantly shrinking, one ministry continues to capture the hearts and minds of the lost in a unique language most teens find hard to resist – Japanese animation.

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CrescentFang4095d ago

Hm..., I'm asian, catholic and love anime, yet I have never seen this film...

I didn't clearly know who STUDIO4°C was and I checked them up and I pretty much have never seen what they have done, but I'm interested now (this was made in 1979 too, wow!)

Also, I'm surprised this is on a catholic news site and with the guy saying this:
Regarding whether the new film was too gory and violent for teens, with scenes showing blood dripping down Jesus’ body and nails painfully embedded into his hands and feet, Gregoire explained to CP, “The reality of anime is that it is a graphic medium. Young people are attracted to anime.”

“The reality of what Christ went through in his crucifixion is horrendous and cannot be properly told without being gory and graphic. Our live action films have not shied away from this fact and we have attempted to be both honest and accurate to the depiction of the crucifixion.”

I feel many people of the christian faith in america are kind of extremist or kind of crazy...
I'm catholic, but it seems people have mixed this up a lot... The christian faith is divided up into who knows how many religions and Catholicism is one of them.
So christian does not equal catholicism.
Well thanks for this article lol

firefoxprime4094d ago

The christian faith is a relationship between you and Jesus Christ. It means to be "born again". To have salvation, the only way is through Jesus. To live your life by the word of God. The trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Christianity is a relationship. Catholicism? Is a religion. Bhuddism or Hinduism are also religions. Yet Jesus stands far higher than all those other guys. He keeps it real.

xino4095d ago

i saw this at Twitch a few days ago.

really great, if only it was full feature movie