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Aya Hirano’s New Album “Rips Off Nana Mizuki”

Star twitterer Aya Hirano is being accused of ripping off fellow singer-seiyuu Nana Mizuki by stealing both her album title and cover art.

The accusations stem from the fact that the title of Nana Mizuki’s best hits album “The Museum,” released in 2007, is more than a little reminiscent of the title of Aya Hirano’s best hits album “Aya Museum,” due May 2011.

As if this were not enough for Hirano’s legion of stalkers to be getting on with, the cover “Aya Museum” is not dissimilar to the cover of Mizuki’s newly released single “Scarlet Knight”

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Reibooi4311d ago

God people are stupid. No one ripped off anyone. Firstly I doubt Aya was even a part of the naming process for the album(reason I say this is that awhile back Utada Hikaru was annoyed that her label did another Single collection without her knowing until it was about to be released) and 2nd the cover is a parody that just HAPPENS to have a elegant red dress in it. There are like 3 other covers and if someone was trying to rip someone else off they would do it really blatantly. Seriously there are probably tons of albums that have a similar image both in Japan and abroad.

It annoys me alot how fans have started to treat Aya in the last year or so. She used to be one of the most beloved seiyuu in Japan and has done some incredible work both in anime and music and now that she is trying to further her career everyone turns on her and treats her like crap. Why can't they just be happy for her? Isn't that what fans are supposed to do? Support the people they like. She's being trashed by her so called fans and toyed around with by her agency. I honestly don't know why she puts up with it all.