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Rest in Peace: Osamu Dezaki passes at 67

Japanator's Josh Tolentino writes, "Another legend of anime passed on recently, this time Osamu Dezaki, on April 17th due to lung cancer. Dezaki, once of Mushi Productions (founded by Osamu Tezuka), he also helped found studios MADHOUSE and Annapuru."

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CrescentFang4243d ago

Oh dear, rest in peace...

I actually don't know him too well, but reading about his works makes me say to myself I should have remembered his name.
This reminds me of the crayon shin-chan mangaka dying and I don't even know his name...
I feel horrible for both reasons now... well rest in peace...

nfourgtoday4242d ago

First this year brought us the loss from the Pokemon world and now from Madhouse. Rest in piece Mr. Dezaki. We hope your family does well in this time.