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Anime Evo: Deadman Wonderland 02 Review

Anime Evo: This was a nail biter of an episode. I realized that when it suddenly hit me that I was nibbling on my thumb nail = =;;; ON MANY parts i found myself biting down on my nails and in other bits I was just going “uuuuurgh thats sick!” at the whole Dog Race bits. I mean jeez, this show needs to come with a warning label. Or I need to reprogram myself A LOT for this show XD Right, from next week, I will attempt to prepare myself FOR the madness that comes with Deadman Wonderland!

But over all, another strong episode. More details being revealed about the theme park, some intrigue tossed in as well and whole lot of grisly action.


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JAMurida4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Maybe someone can explain to me why this happens...

Why do they take these series that have a good story and everything going for them, (that isn't based around fucking schoolgirls who are age 11-13 and have a cookie-cutter story that is infested with nothing but ecchi/fan service scenes), and just completely fuck up the story to it when there is manga to go off of? They did it for Claymore, Air Gear and some other series out there.

I don't know, it's just I was really looking forward to seeing this made into anime, since I still read the manga to it to this day, and was depressed to see how they are ALREADY changing stuff around in the story. (For those who don't know what I'm talking about, go read the second chapter of Deadman Wonderland and compare it to this episode).

Is this just a sign of anime/manga dying or something? That they really can't make new ideas to go off of and instead taking an original series and just make a 12 episode series that doesn't based off the manga?

EDIT: Forgot to add that I remember seeing somewhere, (maybe MyAnimeList), that they are making Mirai Nikki into an anime TV series. Let's see what happens to that, despite the manga being completed already.

CrescentFang4239d ago

Oh man, that's unfortunate...

I have only read Deadman Wonderland as a manga too. I was going to start watching, but I wasn't expecting them to change any plot elements. (I had a feeling the manga was ending soon too)
I remember watching a Mirai Nikki OVA, but it had scenes through the series, it was like some kind of trailer lol. I'm glad it is getting a TV series (And I've fully completed it too. Except for its other manga subtitled Mosaic or something. for some reason I didn't feel like reading that or maybe it was fully scanlated...)

I enjoyed your post :)

JAMurida4239d ago

Yeah, the Mirai Nikki thing was an OAD, ONA or whatever they call it. Pretty much was as you said, a trailer. Not sure what they were thinking making that but yeah... The Mosaic thing is just a spin-off/alternate thing. I think one of them covers,

**********SPOILER ALERT**********

,the thing between Minene Uryuu and that detective guy. Like an in-depth story about them being in a relationship. I never read all of the Mosaic stuff but just glanced at them.

Ricco-Warrior4239d ago

i agree but it still is good,even though he was suppose to meet azami in this episode