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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Episode 2 Review

Looks like this week's episode was all about introducing new characters, in this case a pair of girls that seem to have taken an interest in Makoto. They don't seem terribly interesting at this point, and mostly seem to be in the game so viewers can think, "Dude's barely been at the new school a few days, and he's already got girls after him. Lucky guy!" While that may have a been a bit bland, the did start to explain more about why Erio is the way she is, which seems like something that will be the focus of attention for the remainder of the series. It was a bit of a mixed episode, all in all, but not bad.

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Jackojwang4305d ago

Good review and great score of 10!

Sweety85874305d ago

emmm the website gives a score of C+ instead of 10 Oo;;

And i gotta agree with the review. T'was a bland ep all in all :/

DeeZee4305d ago

I'm loving this anime, nice and weird like I like em :)