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Review: “Clannad: the Motion Picture” (DVD) | Inside AX

Nick F. writes: "Clannad: the Motion Picture from Sentai Filmworks wasn’t the movie I expected — let me back up a moment and say that I’m not really a fan of high school drama, so when it came to Clannad, I decided to approach it as a challenge: how would the movie change my perception of the genre?"

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Sweety85874301d ago

I prefer the anime series over the movie myself for various reasons. The art and story pacing for one. The story is told more slowly and in depth in the anime so you can really savor everything that's happening (mainly After Story).

And I ALWAYS tell my friends to avoid the Clannad movie. "Don't watch it until you finish the two seasons! You'll be completely spoiled."

JAMurida4300d ago

Yeah I agree.

Found the anime overall to be more enjoyable as well. The spin-offs with Kyuo and the grey hair girl (forgot her name) was good too.

rezznik4300d ago

"the grey hair girl (forgot her name) was good too."

Tomoyo....granted, I get the two names mixed up all the time. Tomoyo and Tomoya.....great job KEY! >>;

Anyways, I agree the series was lightyears better than the movie imo. It's hard to capture the full feeling of a 52-episode series (or 100+ VN) into a 90 minute film.

Sweety85874300d ago

the OVA's which covered Kyou and Tomoyo's stories were pretty damn good indeed :)