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The most epic Legend of Zelda artwork you’ve ever seen

"This is an awesome drawing depicting nearly everyone in The Legend of Zelda series - in celbration of the franchise's 25th anniversary"

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Amber3602783d ago

Talk about eipc! I only wish I had a computer screen in those dimensions to see it big without scrolling.

TonykomatMK2783d ago

This is worth printing out at Kinko's or something it's that good.

halojane92783d ago

Do you remember the game Ikaruga? That game right now reminds me of this image. With that title my friends and I would purposely play on one of our smaller tv's only so we can turn it sideways.

MikamiFanForLife2782d ago

Download the big one. It's good enough to be a boxart (a very large box would be necessary though lol).

TonykomatMK2783d ago

I wonder if the artist like Mortal Kombat enough to do a mega pice with everyone in the series?

halojane92782d ago

Sorry I got sidetracked by Ikaruga but beautiful art. I especially like the Majora's Mask scene towards the bottom with the moon and the kids in the field all wearing a mask. It's actually a game I would like to see remade in today's age (or Nintendo's next system) because that's one of their best pieces ever imo. Congrats on turning 25 Zelda!

Jackojwang2782d ago

That's what Animeshinbun needs: more featured artists like this that kick major ass. Give credit to the smaller guys out there for they'll one day be drawing our animes and our videogames.

MikamiFanForLife2782d ago

Nintendo should hire this guy for their boxarts..

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The story is too old to be commented.