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Awesome Street Fighter X Tekken art from Capcom

From Paul Gale Network: "Street Fighter X Tekken might have a while to go before it sees a release, but fortunately we’ll be able to play it at E3 this June at Capcom’s booth. To whet our appetite before June 7th rolls by, we have some great artwork to enjoy for now."

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MikamiFanForLife4233d ago

I seriously do hope that like the article suggests each character gets his own level that's unique to themselves. I'm not a fan of generic wordly backgrounds that everyone shares. Sagat on a European Cruise? Yeah awesome level but keep in individualized Capcom.

DolfZigglers4233d ago

Hopefully that is the case. Did Capcom draw these this way as a sign that that's what they're doing? Good art kinda feels like the Udon stuff.

TonykomatMK4233d ago

That seems to be the general consensus!

halojane94233d ago

It all started with Street Fighter III. That's when Capcom started to make characters share stages. They wouldn't be randomized though like they are in Street fighter IV but that was the start of it. Don't get me wrong either cuz they're still good stages but just go the extra step and make them more memorable by attaching them to a specific character. Please.

RedPawn4232d ago

Actually Alpha 1 pretty much had shared stages.

DolfZigglers4233d ago

Capcom needs (and other companies for that matter) to start offering their promotion artworks for games as posters. I'd more likely than not buy a dropdown of that Chun Li one.

TonykomatMK4233d ago

Imagine the mega sick art and game of course that NeatherRealm Studios and Capcom could produce together if they made a Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter and a Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat game.

I did too notice that all of their characters have backgrounds like they would in the game.

halojane94233d ago

I saw it mentioned earlier and it does have a very Udon comics feel to it which is only a good thing. I've seen so many of that studios' work over the years and they really are top of the game.

Jackojwang4233d ago

Awesome art! Great day when you go to your lunch break and have something nice to look at..without getting you in trouble on work servers lol.

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