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Hatsune Miku Debuts in “Creepy” US Toyota Corolla CM

Virtual diva Hatsune Miku’s appearance in a US car commercial hawking Toyota’s Corolla is lately enjoying a controversial reaction amongst Miku fans.

Although Miku features prominently in the ad, no MikuMiku itasha option, livery, accessories, goods or even a negi-green colour option are available – Miku fans are apparently expected to buy the car solely because “they have two very important things in common – big dreams in a compact package.”

Particular opprobrium has attached to the “she-male” illustration of Miku which found its way onto the Toyota site – why she appears in hideous American comic style rather than with official art by Kei or Tony can only be guessed at, particularly since the artist has clearly stolen Tony’s Miku-pose.

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Reibooi4076d ago

The commercial itself(aside from making no sense and not appealing to the target market at all) isn't bad. But the art they put on the site looks like a she male Miku. The face is all wrong and makes her look awful. So tired of American companies(or in this case the US branch of a Japanese company) thinking they need to change things for the US to embrace it. With Miku changing the face isn't gonna make any difference people are still gonna be all "Wtf is this thing" so why change it?

dgroundwater4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Yeah this isn't going to go anywhere is it? Still cool to see her getting popular but I can't help but question the poor marketing execution here. How many weaboos can they sell Corrolas to? Me and you? :P

And what a poor rip-off of the real thing.