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Hydro Pump! All 5 water Pokemon starters in final stage glory

"Hydro Pump is a drawing which features all 5 starter, water Pokemon in their final evolutions."

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nfourgtoday4227d ago

What I hope we'll see next is something for fire and grass!

TonykomatMK4227d ago

And from there some Mortal Kombat art! Great job and cool looking at the process.

OldSchoolGamer34227d ago

Don't worry (I've seen you request for MK art before here) it'll happen eventually.

Drake's got skills!

Amber3604227d ago

Charizard and Venasaur are still my favorites from the Red/Blue/Green/Yellow.

Jackojwang4227d ago

Generation 3 Pokemon were crappy. 1,2,4,5 are cool. The drawing itself and even the sketch are cool.

Amber3604227d ago

Blastoise is still #1!!!

draz12264227d ago

Yeah I almost always started with squirtle just to get blastoise!

TekkenSmithMachine4227d ago

Good to know that Pokemon still has such a strong fanbase.
I'm sure it will last forever.

KellyKellyWWE204227d ago

I want this as my background for my phone :)

CrescentFang4227d ago

I knew that Oshawott was probably the worst water starter (and starter this gen), but I had yo pick him/her... it was a kickass sea lion with samurai armor! How more badass can they make pokemon lol