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Review: “Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel” (PlayStation 3) | Inside AX

"When I first picked up the Ar tonelico series on the PlayStation 2 on a whim, little did I know exactly what I was getting myself into. Sure, it had moé characters along with the infamous catchline, “you never forget your first” but the series completely flew under my radar. Although Gust’s Atelier series had been out, I was never really into the “girlish” look of the series nor their products. However, after I purchased Ar tonelico I was honestly amazed by the company’s j-rpg title. Not only was it a nice throwback to the Super Nintendo 16-bit era, where character development and storylines superseded graphics, but the music was absolutely gorgeous. Needless to say, I became an instant fan of NIS America and Gust as they began to carry the torch, along with Atlus, as the premiere j-rpg developers."

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