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Feel Like a Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011

The newest Dragon Ball game wants to make you feel like the character.

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tayz2843d ago

if this uses kinect its a day 1 buy for me

Neko_Mega2842d ago

If it uses Kinect then it would be the worst DBZ of all time.

I hope this one is as good as Tenkaichi.

tayz2842d ago

why? it would be super cool doing kamehamehas and special beam cannon moves and then the kinect picking it up and having the character do the same.

Neko_Mega2842d ago

1. Kinect has a hard picking up full body movement without a controller.

2. It has no way to tell if you doing a Ki blast or picking your nose.

Playstation Move and Wii remote would work good but it is a fighting game and it is best on a normal controller.

Maybe use PS3's sixaxis for when you fly, but that be it.

SuperSaiyan42842d ago

I hope this is better than the previous ones.

KillerPwned2842d ago

If this uses Move i will get this day 1. Either way as long as its good and has a lot of characters and a good story i will buy it.

tayz2842d ago

lol the story was decided for this game like 20 years ago

KillerPwned2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

O hahah well i really meant hopfully it covers a large portion of the DB to GT story with a good amount of side missions.

Like Tenkaichi 3

RavageX2842d ago

My favorite was Budokai 3 for ps2. Haven't really touched one since.

RockmanII72841d ago

Cool, I need a new DBZ game since the last one I got was for the PS2. I can't believe Raging Blast 2 is still $50.