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August releases from Sentai Filmworks revealed

To kick the month off the Maid Sama Collection 2 releases on DVD ($49.98) on the 2nd followed by the Kobato Collection 1 on DVD ($49.98) on the 9th, the Night Raid 1931 Complete Collection on the 16th, on both DVD (59.98) and Blu-ray (69.98), the Samurai Girls Complete Collection on Both Blu-ray ($69.98) and DVD ($59.98) on the 23rd and finally the Neo Angelique Abyss Complete Collection on DVD ($59.98) the 30th. Both Samurai Girls and Night Raid 1931 will be in both Japanese and English languages and Maid Sama, Kobato and Neo Angelique Abyss will be in Japanese with English subtitles.

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