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Solar Beam! All 5 grass Pokemon starters in final stage glory

"Present is more artwork from Drake, a popular Pokemon artist whom this time is presenting all 5 starter Grass Pokemon in their final evolution."

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nfourgtoday4073d ago

I think I like this one even better than the water type one. =)

MikamiFanForLife4073d ago

Now all we need is fire withs some Charizard and Emboar action!

TonykomatMK4073d ago

Yeah fire type is what I'm hoping has a battle going on, but these first two are sick. This one didn't have a "making of" process I guess..which is fine.

DolfZigglers4073d ago

Cool artwork, lol at Venasaur sleeping.

MikamiFanForLife4073d ago

This artist is doing a good job so far.

Jackojwang4073d ago

Yeah Drake is reeeeaally good. I have to subscribe to his work.

E3exponews4073d ago

I want this one and this one:
along with the eventual Fire one all attached to make a wallpaper.