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Fire Blast! All 5 fire Pokemon starters in final stage glory

"Cool drawing of all starter fire-type Pokemon in their final evolution."

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GodzillaOwns3906d ago

The third generation was probably the weekest but everyone is drawn well here. Good job and I like the wallpaper to.

DolfZigglers3906d ago

I think everyone dislikes the 3rd gen's starter's final form.

SpaceFox3906d ago

I love Blaziken, he's actually my favorite Pokemon. And I've been playing since Fire Red. He looks ugly in the games but back then I used to watch the show and play the card game, and he always looked badass.

Samus HD3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken are the best Fire Starters
The Monkey one is the worst -4-
and why making two other fire fighting type starters??!

PoopyTheMac3906d ago

Nice follow up to the last couple day's worth of Pokemon art :)

Amber3603906d ago

The grass one is still the cutest but nice to finally have all three together on one page. Grass for my iPhone and all three for my computer for now. Until someone draws just Piplup in super cute fashion hehe.

DolfZigglers3906d ago

All I know is that I got my Charizard so I'm happy.

bwazy3906d ago

The Pig looks like Ganon