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VN Insider: How Visual Novels Can Break Into the West

iAX: "There are certain mediums of storytelling that have done pretty well in the United States, like anime and manga. Across the spectrum they are successful to a certain extent. Visual novels are on the opposing spectrum, never really gaining a foothold in the west. The best way to describe a visual novel is that it is sprite-based characters on a static background with lots of text and branching plot points based on decisions made. There are some games that are purely H-games with a focus on “winning” a certain character. Other visual novels focus on character interaction and exploring a deep involving storyline. In this medium, there have been some successes, like Capcom’s Ace Attorney franchise. While there are examples of some success, the numbers of franchises that are sales failures are numerous and all too common. As a fan of the medium, here is my strategy for visual novels."

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