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( 5 Anime Series I Want to see Revisited

Arcee: Have you ever sat down and wondered why some of your favorite anime series never got picked up for a follow up season? Or have you ever wondered about a previously released series being redone to showcase more of the story than was done in the previous anime series about it? I found myself doing just that the other day as I was looking at the bonus episode of Highschool of the Dead. Why is this series just being left as it ended on such a cliffhanger? There is so much more that they could explore - especially since the manga is still ongoing! I know that there are other series that I have watched in the past and wondered why it was never continued. Of course there are also series that I have watched in the past and wondered what would happen if they expanded upon them. Anyway, as I sat there and listed some of the ones I would like to see redone or revisited, I decided why not share it with all of you. So here you go: five anime series I would like to see revitalized in some way, shape or form.

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