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“Bleach: Soul Resurrection” to Get Localized this Summer

iAX: "As part of the NIS America Spring Premiere Event, NIS America announced that they will be releasing Bleach: Soul Ignition as Bleach: Soul Resurrection in America. Taking place during Bleach’s Arrancar arc, the game will feature 21 characters including Ichigo, Ishida, Rukia and more!"

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Reibooi4278d ago

That's some awesome news. If they can get the entire English cast for the game(which would be a no brainer) I would be very likely to pick this up. It's not very often we get anime based games in the US and Bleach is my 2nd favorite shounen franchise(behind Kekkaishi) and if it's done right it could be a great game.

ZeroX98764277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

Yeah, but I hope they bring the japanese voice over also. finally we'll get a bleach game! I was thinking of importing it. now I can buy it in NA stores!

Reibooi4277d ago

I would bet there is a VERY strong chance the game will have both Japanese and English voices. Reason being is it's PS3 exclusive and will have plenty of space and 90% of the time a game doesn't have both it's because of the Xbox 360 and it's lack of space. However that won't be a problem this time around. So I would think have both is pretty likely. But I guess we won't know for sure until it comes out.