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Hear Laura Bailey, Troy Baker and Michelle Ruff in Atlus’ Newest “Catherine” Trailer

iAX: "“Do you ever want to get married, and if so would it be to the person you’re with now?” That seems to be the catchline for Atlus’ marketing push for their upcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 j-rpg/puzzle game, Catherine."

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Reibooi4068d ago

Would have preferred seeing more of the game instead of random people but whatever. It sounded great. The sound quality is so much higher then what the PS2 games Atlus releases was able to(I would assume this is because the audio isn't being extremely compressed this time around and that slight rasp is gone as a result).

I really can't wait to get my hands on this. It looks awesome and it just excites me that much more for what Persona 5 might end up being.(ATLUS did say they basically made Cathrine as a test to see what they could do on next gen consoles so they could make P5 that much better)

rezznik4068d ago

Dude...I can't wait for Persona 5. It's easily my number one most anticipated game this gen.

Reibooi4068d ago

Hoping to see it at E3 and if not 100% it will be a TGS this year. ATLUS has been working on it for awhile(they started planning on it before Cathrine) So now that Cathrine is out in both the US and Japan I think we will be seeing it really soon. Can't wait.

CrescentFang4068d ago

I would have liked to see the one Aksys made lol, that was really a lol for me. I'm not sure, but did something strange happen to Atlus USA when the parent branch (which is the Japanese one, I believe) merged with Index? It happened right after Demon's Souls released... (like Luminous Arc 3, 7th Dragon, Growlanser stuff,)
Anyways, I'm not disappointed (what Atlus fan would be?) but the behavior was kind of strange. I guess it is not something I should be getting into though... anyways thanks Atlus :)