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Naruto Shippuden June 2011 Schedule Released

A reunion of Team 7 and a battle between Naruto and Sasuke head the highlights of June.

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tayz4273d ago

this month will be by far the best ever!!!!!!!!! omg, June hurry up and come!

gamerfan4eva4273d ago

tg i read the manga. that story just told me everything thats gonna happen!

crxss4272d ago

^agreed, plus this week's episode was basically a refresher for those who forgot about the "exchanging of fists and understanding each other" for what's coming up. And it's funny 'cause once Naruto says it again to Sasuke they'll flashback AGAIN to that part... frustrating.

TheColbertinator4273d ago

Naruto is never going to end -_-

shreeveera4273d ago

Thats a great thing coz Naruto,Bleach,One Piece and Fairy Tail(recently) have the perfect Shounen formula.
Long live Shounen Anime.

LiquifiedArt4272d ago

Actually the bleach arch after the arrancar arc is TERRIBLE. They should of stopped it when aizen's little escapade was over. Kinda like how Kenshin should of ended after shishio battle.

tayz4272d ago

it should never end! i <3 Naruto!

crxss4272d ago

agreed but i feel like they should just cancel the anime (or quickly finish it) and redo the entire series all straight from the manga (no fillers) with their best animators.

Senden4272d ago

@ crXss

Nope save that for 10 years time or something. Would love a Dragonball Kai for Naruto though sometime along the line.. would be brilliant being able to get my kids into it.

NoBias4272d ago

I wouldn't be against them doing another time jump after the whole Naruto/Sasuke storyline is finished. If they have them both dying, then I wonder who the series would follow.

Personally I wanna see some episodes that revolve around the other teams. Specifically Team Gai.

Kee4272d ago

That's what I like to hear!!!

Senden4272d ago

Nice to know June is still a good month but damn the flashbacks are annoying when they're overdone like last episode. Sadly I expect come July we will be getting a huge dose of fillers that'll probably last all the way until the winter seeing how close the anime is catching up with the manga. I just hope they're good fillers and not like the last bunch which in my opinion were worse than the original Naruto ones.

Kee4272d ago

It's better than what bleach and one piece have been like lately. Filler/flashback mayhem. I know it can't be helped but they need to do something about it. It means they're both going to run for another hundred+ episodes at least.