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AnimeTent-METRO SURVIVE Manga Review

The story focuses on Mishima,an Average Repairman working for the Tokyo’s largest Highrise business and entertainment building,The Exopolis Tower.
But while returning home on the Morning Subway Train an Unexpected Massive Earthquake occurs burying the Exopolis and the Subway train lines.
As a result Mishima is Trapped deep underground with the other passengers of the train.Thus the Question arises Will he take initiative and lead the other Passengers to freedom or will they Starve and rot in the Underground.
And thus the Game of Survival Begins.

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shreeveera4264d ago

At the end of the Manga(only 2 volumes) I really wanted the mystery adventure to continue.
Lets hope for a sequel or a similar manga to be released by this awesome Mangaka.

shreeveera4263d ago

I definitely recommend the Manga DOUBT by Tonogai Yoshiki for those who love Metro Survive.

shreeveera4263d ago

Metro survive is a hidden gem.
Definitely recommend to Death Note,Kaiji and Code Geass fans.