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AnimeTent-DOUBT Manga Review

The Main plot of Doubt is based on a Game of Survival. A few people who are complete strangers to each other are either randomly or purposefully chosen in a famous Game called RABBIT DOUBT.
Believe me from my Personal experience with this anime that there will be atleast 3 to 4 instances where your Predictions regarding the Story will definitely be Wrong.Thats the greatness of this anime.This is really a breath of fresh air for all the people who read shounen manga all the time.Just give this Manga a try and trust me you wont be disappoined.

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shreeveera4057d ago

Truly a Spine tingling thriller Manga.
A must read,highly recommended by me.

shreeveera4056d ago

Those who like Death note and Kaiji.will definitely love this.

JAMurida4055d ago

I think the manga "Judge", which has like 10 chapters out at the moment, is made from the same people who did "Doubt". Both are really good mangas for those looking for a good thriller read. I just hope Judge doesn't follow the same plot and what not of Doubt.

shreeveera4055d ago

Exactly right.
I have the same concern for JUDGE as it might end up similar to DOUBT,hope not.

Can you recommend me a few Survival Thriller manga similar to these bro?

JAMurida4055d ago


Manga/anime that come to my mind are:

Mirai Nikki
Highschool of the Dead
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Hohzuki Island
Deadman Wonderland

Those might not be EXACTLY the same as Judge/Doubt, but kinda similar with the whole survival/game of death/psyhcological theme that you might like.