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Awesome DEATH NOTE Anime Music Video

Death Note is one of the finest masterpieces in the history of mystery thriller anime.
Check out this incredible Anime music Video(AMV) compiled in under 4 hours.

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shreeveera3329d ago

Death Note is hands down the best Psychological thriller anime to date with Monster at close 2nd place.
This AMV truly depicts the goodness of Death Note in a 3 minute clip flawlessly.

shreeveera3329d ago

The only anime that come close to being as good as Death note in this genre would be undoubtedly KAIJI and MONSTER.

Samus HD3325d ago

none is near death note
1.Death Note
2.Death Note
3.Death Note

geniusgamerdoc3328d ago

Nice video.
Im a die hard fan of Death note.

cr33ping_death3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

i love DEATH NOTE... had to back track on netflix a few times to get what was going on... but man was i hooked... on the Anime... then i checked out the live action movie (which i know came first) both great... need to see the second movie and the L movie.

edit... that Ryuuk and his apples lol