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iAX Review: “Baccano! Limited Edition” (Blu-Ray)

iAX: "Baccano! is a series that I had been intrigued in since it was first announced. The vast amount of characters…how well would this anime series turn out? Granted, I haven’t read any of the light novels upon which this anime was based on, but I couldn’t resist the urge not to watch it once Aniplex gave us an opportunity to review the Blu-ray Limited Edition. [editor's note: It really is limited. As in once the current run has been sold out, it'll be gone forever.] After sitting down and watching all 16 episodes of this series, I now bring to you my own detailed review."

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JAMurida4085d ago

Glad this series got a Blu-ray release. REALLY wish some others out there would get a Blu-ray release as well. Darker Than Black, Ergo Proxy, Eureka Seven, Mitchiko to Hatchin, Durarara!!, Soul Eater, I could go on...

Reibooi4085d ago

Soul Eater is getting a Blu-ray release it's first half is already out on Blu-Ray and the 2nd half will be coming out in a month or so.