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AnimeTent-Funniest Anime video ever

Check out this shortest yet Funniest Anime video.
Warning-You are bound to die laughing.

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shreeveera4086d ago

Short yet so tear-jerkingly Funny.
Definitely a must watch!

geniusgamerdoc4086d ago

Thats truly hilarious.
Thumbs up.

jwalkerz4085d ago

this is the least funniest scene in FMPF. thsi epsisode is the funniest scene out of all of em

shreeveera4085d ago

I agree with you that this may not be the Funniest video from that anime.
What im implying is that this is the Shortest video under 15 seconds and yet it manages to truly make sense and make your gut tickle at the same time.
You cant nail a funny video and make someone laugh under 15 seconds.
After watching the video you will definitely be like WTF,where did that Shotgun come from?!? followed by a huge lol.