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Vote for the Official Title for Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011

Namco Bandai is letting fans vote for the title for Project Age 2011 and give their feedback for future DBZ games.

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tayz4202d ago

i wish they'd just make the best damn game ever and call it DRAGON BALL Z. none of this tenkaichi and saiyan and lengthy title nonsense

DrRichtofen4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

thats wut i was thinking i cant even pronounce these other names

TheColbertinator4202d ago

Dragonball Z:Ultimate Saiyan Tenkaichi Warriors.

tayz4202d ago

fail title.. plus i think they got ultimate saiyan warriors already

jwalkerz4201d ago

i voted for Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Warriors

BirdyNumNum4201d ago

They should seriously just stop making these games. There are way too many to begin with. I played one a couple months ago cause I was a fan of the show as a teenager and I hated it.