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Kojima Haruna to play NANA in the Japanese remake of ”You’re Beautiful”

AKB48′s Kojima Haruna has accepted the role of a character ‘NANA‘, a popular idol who has an innocent image on the outside, but is a malicious little devil on the inside,which was played by UEE in the original drama.
Do yo guys believe Kojima Haruna will do justice to her role in this upcoming J-drama?

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shreeveera4083d ago

She is really Pretty and very cute.
Lets hope she does a good job in her brand new acting career.

FiftyFourPointTwo4081d ago

Damn right she is. I rank her as my number one AKB48 girl. ^^

shreeveera4082d ago

Her appearance in Coin Locker Monogatari drama is hands down the best performance in any jDrama that ive seen.

FiftyFourPointTwo4081d ago

Man, I'm just so happy that I'll get to see her again in a drama. I watched the original You're Beautiful, the korean one and I think Kojima has the look and attitude to really portray the female antagonist.

So excited. ^^