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Buy Bleach: Soul Resurreccion, Get 3 Anime Episodes Free

NIS America is including PSN codes for free downloads of the anime with the game.

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tayz4075d ago

i hope they are exclusive episodes. i already seen the anime

jwalkerz4075d ago

i'm sure theyre just epsiode from the anime series. i wonder if we get to keep the epsiode for as longs we want or is it 30 day rental

tayz4075d ago Show
zeal0us4075d ago

Tayz got a point you can download all the episodes online, on the right sites/torrents, but it doesn't mean it's legal or supporting Tite Kubo in any way when you do it/ the people and companies that help produce the episodes.

Archaic4072d ago

Having said that, you CAN get (almost) all the episodes online legally. Specifically, through the legal streams available on Crunchyroll.

Neko_Mega4075d ago

Isn't their Bleach movies that never came to the US? Maybe that might be it, I really don't care because I want the game now.

I'm already at ep326.