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Preview: Gundam Age

The Red Shoulders previews the upcoming Gundam Age anime, planned to air in Japan this October.

Edit: PV 1 video added to article and AS stub.

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Xof4079d ago

I gotta say, I think this will end up being better than Gundam 00, Unicorn, Destiny or Seed. The art design may not be as "good," but it's got a unique (for gundam) premise, and looks like it'll be avoiding a lot of the tropes and cliches that have drained a lot of the appeal out of Gundam.

I think Gundam fandom, in the West at least, fixates too much on the toys and robots, and not enough on the characters or story. Mostly because the characters and story in recent shows have been so awful--we can ONLY focus on the mechs and toys. That's the biggest reason for the backlash--everyone just assumes it'll have crappy characters and story like the last several shows, so they don't even bother to consider the potential.

I also wonder if the UE are really aliens. I hope they are, because if they're not, that fat rotund professor in the PV makes me think there'll be a masked supervillain living under a volcano, and the UEs will be the vanguard of his cyborg army.