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[SeventhStyle] Steins;Gate Festival of Intellectuality & IBMs

SeventhStyle: Epic time-traveling 2channer series Steins;Gate had all its third dimensional lab members assemble for the “Akihabara Steins;Gate Festival” complete with the elixir of intellectuality...

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jonlynch4078d ago

There are some RARE collectibles on display there.

jphelps804076d ago

Don't know why, but my eyes keep shooting to the Dr. Pepper in the corner of the picture.

charlescox44076d ago

What exactly is this about? IBM computers?

Azeat4076d ago

In the show Steins;Gate they use an IBN 5100 (IBM 5100) to send text messages into the past.

vgn244076d ago

I was there! Saw it in person.