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VG Cosplay: "Cammy White, codename Killer Bee in Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a popular character from the Street Fighter series of games, manga and anime. She first appeared in Super Street Fighter II as one of the four "New Challengers" that were introduced. She is the second female character in the Street Fighter series behind the lovely Chun Li."

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charlescox43391d ago

I'll take Chun Li, but the asian Cammy is a winner.

GunShotEddy3391d ago

Western cospay has a long way to go. The american Cammyys all have giant asses. That's not how she looks.

jonlynch3391d ago

Actually it's a matter of taste. Maybe some people like it?

DiLeCtioN3391d ago

lol shut it what you know about ass boy

I agree Cammy's batty isn't that big

BattersUp3391d ago

Chun Li over Cammy? Someone likes the BIG thighs, lol.

DevilVergilX3391d ago

anyone know who that asian cammy with the big boobs is?

jphelps803391d ago

Alisa Kiss dont have a big butt. Her Cammy is practically iconic from the old Cons.

vgn243391d ago

Yea. Alisakiss was great and one of the most popular cosplayers around UNTIL she started doing softcore pr0n. She lost all credibility to me. She still pops up at some shows, but it's like she's sl*ttin it up instead of there to show off cosplay. She equals yuck now.

BeaRye3391d ago

meh, Not really "amazing".

DevilVergilX3391d ago

whose that asian cammy? SHE SO FREAKIN HOT!

Johnbyook3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

oh dear god thank you i was gonna say the same here.