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Six Japanese Exclusive Titles that Need to be Localized

GPT: "With E3 passing us by and news of beloved Japanese titles like Kirby, Tales and Zelda making planned returns to the United States, one must take a moment to consider the games that countries, like Japan, are keeping in Japan due to either localization issues or lack of perceived interest in the target countries. I will illuminate six of the most popular titles that have thus far gone unreleased in the United States."

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ShyGuy134181d ago

Dude..Super Robot Wars..want.

BattersUp4181d ago

The list of games that need to be brought over from Japan is incredibly long. I agree with a lot of these, but there are entire sub-genres that gamers are deprived of in the US - unless they can read/speak Japanese and import.

jonlynch4181d ago

The only genre I can think of that isnt represented at all is dating-sims. And do we really need those?

GunShotEddy4181d ago

At least bring all the GD Bleach games over.

charlescox44181d ago

Give me some Gundam! I cant getaway with LovePlus in my house, especially if the game looks like Takane Manaka in that picture.

DarkBlood4180d ago

what you dont get privacy?

pinkyxyz4181d ago

Another Century Episode R!!!!