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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation Scan

The sequel to Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 will be making its way to PS3/360 with a host of new characters.

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tayz4075d ago

This is so awesome!!! I loved the first game so much and now this game is going to be like the greatest!

gamerfan4eva4074d ago

The game does look very promising, I hope it comes out this year.

naruto2224074d ago

Don't the games only come up to the anime? This game won't come out until 2012.

tayz4074d ago

Me too but I think I have to agree with naruto222. Zabuza and Haku don't come in until like waaay later from where the anime is now.

NoOoB1014073d ago

Zabuza and Haku were in the first 50 episodes of naruto.

crxss4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

wow, i am ridiculously excited for this game! i really hope we see a 2011! seeing how it's "generations" and not "3" so Zabuza and Haku could be in it just to redo the entire story for storm 1 and not necessarily for their Edo forms. i hope it goes all the way up to the pre-war or even further though. maybe we'll see all those unplayable supports from the first game make it in here as well as playable characters! i can't wait!