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[7th] Girl In Amazing Atmosphere Gallery

SeventhStyle: A gallery above all others as this heightens the true meaning of anime art to new level beyond pantsu and oppai – a vast space with depth, vitality, and atmosphere.

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vgn244070d ago

Great collection of stills.

JAMurida4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Looking at these stills reminds me of the middle school days when we would go on these field trips every year to somewhere in the nation for a week or two. Traveling as most adults would when your that young really was quite the experience.


Edit: I happen to be listening to "Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Toyko" while looking at those pics... Kinda goes well with them, lol.

Azeat4069d ago

Love the insight-

The pics have a refreshing sense of depth as stated in the article, can't get enough of them.

vgn244069d ago

Just sent me down memory road with the thoughts of field trips and the truth behind how traveling as children is completely awesome when compared to doing it as an adult.

JAMurida4069d ago

You just really get the vibe of "youth" from these pictures. Back then when I first watched anime, I never understood the whole thing with "youth" and why they always make reference to it. But I understand now the concept of what they refer to. How things are so carefree and "new" I guess when your young. No worry about your future or anything. Everyday is it's own entry...

Who knows though, I just turned 22 a few weeks ago, so maybe that mindset just comes with age, lol.