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Pikachu Cosplay Gallery

VG Cosplay: "Pikachu is probably one of the strangest video game cosplays out there. Pikachu is a a pocket monster after all. Despite the character itself, cosplayers have managed to turn the cute and loveable star of the Pokemon anime, trading cards, manga and video game series into the source for some very hot costumes. I doubt will see any of these cosplayers doing battle anytime soon."

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GunShotEddy4068d ago

Jessica Nigri didn't start pokemon cosplay, but she's certainly elevAted the art.

kennykramer4068d ago

She's attractive, but way overrated. There are much better cosplayers out there who actually pay attention to 1. the costumes and 2. the characters they're portraying. Ones like Nigri are just wearing bikinis for attention.

jphelps804068d ago

So tired of Jess Nigri. She's nothing but a blonde in a bikini. Her Rikku and Pikachu are are the same thing with some ribbons and a bandana as the only difference. She's annoying. Kudos to the other girls though.

BeaRye4068d ago

I'm no expert and not familiar with the "usual" cosplayers. Can't believe you guys can name these people, but I don't think there is anything wrong with the bikini version of the costume. It's an interpretation right?

BattersUp4068d ago

If they didnt get inventive and go for hot instead of accuracy, it would be a bunch of perverted furries pictures.

VG_Releaser4068d ago

Cosplay shmoseplay, I like the babes.